For Annika

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

I think sometimes, that i wanna be the same as she is

Walk like her, sing like her

Unpeel hearts the way she does

Move like a rip tide the way she does

My sister

A heart breaker with a slick tongue

The more beautiful half of a soul we share

Her mind tempestuous and bold

Less controllable than unwelcome love

I remember when we were younger It was us against the world

Bound together by shared space and calamity

A world that couldn’t relate to us

A duel reality only we could understand

The first person there to catch me when i fall

The last to blame me when i’m wrong

Isn’t it lucky

That the sun shines brighter on us when we’re together

What we have is not love, it’s something better

It is knowing that someone carries your heart

between their palms



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