Press Materials


RXBar Sustaining Adventure

An in depth PR campaign and Brand Strategy initiative.

Gateway Gala Post Release

Post-Press Release for Gateway for Cancer Reseach's annual "Gateway Gala".

Krispy Kreme Hillside Opening

Press release announcing the opening of Krispy Kreme's Hillside, IL store, along with an opening-day only offer.

Gateway Gala Press Release

Press Release for Gateway for Cancer Research's annual "Gateway Gala", which raised over 4 million dollars.

Purple Affair for the Bear Press Release

Press release for Purple Affair for the Bear, an event raising money for Pediatric Cancer research.

Lynn Sage Center for Cancer Research Fall Benefit Post Press Release

Post-press release announcing the amount of money raised during the Lynn Sage Center for Cancer Research's Fall Benefit Luncheon.

Campaign Concepts


Sustaining Adventure

A comprehensive PR campaign concept.

Apple Music

Students Streaming Students

Strategic Message Planner for an Apple Music ad concept targeting students ages 18-25.


Accountability in Fashion

Press release for a PR campaign concept for retail behemoth Zara.


Visuals and Ads

Apple Music Student Subscription.png
Sassy Pants.png


"Changing the Bad-Boy Image of Fraternities"

Letter to the Editor chosen to be published in The New York Times In response to "A Frat Boy and a Gentleman" Op-Ed by Alexandra Robbins.


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